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Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Body Treatments

Rejuvenating Sea Salt Body Scrub
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A fine textured sea salt infused with seaweed and essential oils, thoroughly removes cellular debris and dull skin leaving skin soft, smooth and polished. The mineral rich salts nourish the skin providing vital nutrients increasing circulation to assist in the detoxification process. Keeps skin soft and supple, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties will soothe and protect the skin. Followed by a deeply nourishing moisturising treatment providing your skin with fortifying vitamins and anti oxidant protection. Massage techniques are incorporated into your treatment leaving you feeling not only ultra smooth but also ultra relaxed.

Full Body Treatment Time 45 min

Treatment Price £55.00

Back Treatment Time 25 minutes

Treatment Price £30.00

Marine Mud Detoxifying Body Treatment
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Refresh and renew with this highly detoxifying full body treatment. Marine salts assist the buffing away of dulling skin cells ready for potent aromatics to be infused into the skin. A highly active seaweed body wrap will purge toxins and remineralise the skin, great for water retention, bloating and cellulite dimples. A skin drenching moisturising blend to finish your treatment leaving your skin feeling silky soft, smooth and glowing. 

Full Body Detox 

Treatment Time 1hr 15min

Treatment Price £75.00

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